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Our workshop is where mechanical expertise merges seamlessly with a passion for classic automobiles. Whether your vehicle requires routine maintenance, intricate repairs, or performance enhancements, our skilled team stands ready to cater to every automotive need. We understand the unique character of each vehicle that graces our workspace, and we treat every project as a canvas for technical excellence. From diagnosing intricate issues to fine-tuning engines, our workshop is a realm where precision meets dedication, ensuring that your cherished vehicle receives the attention it deserves. At Roadsight, we are committed to not only keeping your automotive dreams on the road but enhancing them with every turn of the wheel.

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Servicing and Inspections

When a vehicle enters our workshop, it undergoes a comprehensive evaluation based on a 100+ point checklist. This gives us a profound understanding of every aspect of the vehicle. We meticulously list defects, damages, and wear, putting you in control and fully informed about your vehicle’s needs. Should you have any queries, our team is always there to assist. Following the assessment, we present you with a detailed inspection report, granting you the power to decide on the necessary steps. At Roadsight, we place you in the driver’s seat of your vehicle’s journey through our workshop, ensuring transparency, control, and utmost care.

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In our restoration processes , we acknowledge that every classic car harbors a unique narrative, and our adept craftsmen labor tirelessly to pay homage to its legacy. With an unswerving dedication to authenticity and an eye for detail, we conscientiously restore, invigorate, and reinvigorate, ensuring that your classic car retains its initial charisma and refinement. Witness your vintage gem undergo a remarkable transformation through our restoration work, and embrace the road ahead with an ageless masterpiece that resonates with the past while embracing the future.

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