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All Frequently Asked Questions

All Frequently Asked Questions

Are all the cars featured on this website available for purchase?

Our website features a diverse assortment of cars on display. While some cars are designated as ‘exhibition only,’ our collection management goes beyond mere presentation. We actively search for, restore, and introduce distinctive models to the market that align with these same criteria.

You can easily identify these cars as they are labeled as ‘for sale’ and are conveniently grouped together on the ‘available’ page.

How often and how far are the cars on display typically driven?

The cars on display are driven regularly to ensure that their engines, tires, and overall condition remain in excellent shape. We also drive these cars for routine inspections to maintain their optimal performance and address any potential issues promptly. Our commitment to keeping these vehicles in top-notch condition is a priority.

Can I test drive the car? Can I drive the car to a local shop for inspection?

Yes, you can arrange to test drive the car with a Roadsight representative, You are also welcome to bring your trusted partner up for inspection in our garage before making a decision to purchase. We do not allow our vehicles to be brought to local garages. Please contact us to schedule a test drive or discuss any specific arrangements you’d like to make.

How can I be assured that I am making the right purchase when buying a vehicle?

You can rest assured that you are making the right vehicle purchase with us. Before delivery, each car undergoes a comprehensive inspection in our dedicated workshop. Any issues are promptly addressed to ensure the vehicle’s optimal condition. Furthermore, we provide a detailed inspection report, listing all items found on the car, so you have complete transparency about its condition.

Even after the initial purchase, our workshop services remain available to you. We are committed to assisting with any maintenance or repairs your vehicle may need in the future, ensuring a long and trouble-free ownership experience.

Can you provide background information about the available cars?

Certainly! We take pride in providing comprehensive background information about our cars. Most of the vehicles in our collection come with all registrations dating from their purchase, and many of them also include workshop receipts and full documentation of ownership over the years.

Should you be interested, we are more than willing to furnish you with all the information we have about the car. We aim to offer you a complete history and understanding of the vehicle’s past.

What will be sold in the webshop?

Roadsight boasts one of the most extensive inventories of original Aston Martin spare parts in Europe, with over 1,000 new, restored, and used components ready for your project.