Aston Martin DB

Aston Martin DB1

The Aston Martin DB1, a 1940s icon, laid the foundation for the renowned DB series.
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Aston Martin DB1 Aston Martin DB1 Aston Martin DB1

  • One of only 15 production cars made
  • The first post-war Aston Martin model

The Aston Martin DB1, a rare gem from the 1940s, epitomizes the timeless elegance and pioneering engineering of early Aston Martin models. Its sleek design and performance set the standard for the illustrious DB series, shaping the future of the esteemed brand. Despite being a limited production, the DB1 remains a cherished relic among automotive enthusiasts, embodying the spirit of innovation that defines Aston Martin. one distinctive feature of the 2 Litre Sports can still be seen Aston Martins to the present day. It’s possible to see a familiar shape in the three piece grille.

Aston Martin DB

About this car

Construction Year: 1950
Price: Exhibition only
Color: White
Interior: Dark Blue
Bodywork: Cabriolet
Transmission: Manual

The Aston Martin was a sports car sold by Aston Martin from 1948 to 1950. It was the first product of the company under David Brown’s ownership and is retrospectively known as the DB1. The car debuted at the 1948 London Motor Show and was based on the Aston Martin Atom prototype. Just 15 were sold.

Aston Martin DB
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