Porsche 911 3.0 SC Targa

Unleash the Classic Thrills. Timeless Style, Endless Excitement
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Porsche 911 SC Targa Porsche 911 SC Targa

  • Stunning Vintage color scheme
  • Very well maintained


The Porsche 911, a legendary name in the automotive world, requires no formal introduction. Since its debut in 1964, it has etched an indelible mark in automotive history and held a cherished place on many young boys’ bedroom walls, sparking dreams of one day owning a 911. In 1974, the original model with its small bumpers gave way to the series two, featuring broader American-spec bumpers. Throughout its production from 1974 to 1988, this model earned favoritism for its fuel-injection system, robust rust prevention measures, and potent engines.

Now, let us introduce our 911 SC. ‘SC’ stands for ‘Super Carrera,’ as cherished by Porsche aficionados. Beneath the rear engine cover, you’ll discover the 3.0-liter engine. Notably, the aluminum engine proved exceptionally reliable, contributing to the enduring popularity of 1980s Porsches.

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About this car

Construction Year: 1982
Price: € 65.000
Power: 180 HP
Mileage: 73980 Miles
Date part: 28-02-1982
Color: Beige
Interior: Brown
Bodywork: Cabriolet
Transmission: Manual

The version presented here features a generous glass rear window and a removable Targa roof. For many years, the Targa option was somewhat mistakenly considered the less appealing choice, overshadowed by the allure of open-top convertibles and the sleek lines of coupés preferred by sporty drivers. However, times have changed, with a growing number of enthusiasts seeking the best of both worlds in the Targa.

This 911 exudes a remarkable level of cleanliness and originality. A glimpse inside the SC model reveals a charming and highly sought-after brown leather interior. The combination of cloth central upholstery with leather sides not only looks exquisite but also offers exceptional comfort. Porsche interiors are renowned for their durability, much like the one on display here.

This Porsche 911 is likely the answer to all your automotive desires. In its captivating Beige finish, the 3.0 SC Targa elevates everything to a new level of desirability. In a nutshell, it’s fully prepared for its next exhilarating adventure, promising trouble-free enjoyment on the road ahead!

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Construction Year

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