Mercedes Benz SEB ()

Mercedes-Benz 220 SEb

Dive into Automotive History: Introducing the Timeless Appeal of the Mercedes-Benz 220 SEb.
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Mercedes-Benz 220 SEb Mercedes-Benz 220 SEb

• Rare and desirable Mercedes-Benz soft-top
• Only three owners from new
• Rare manual transmission
• Originally delivered in Switzerland

Step back in time to the illustrious year of 1959, where the stage was set for automotive history to be rewritten. Mercedes-Benz unveiled a quartet of new models at the Frankfurt Show, a lineup that included the graceful 220 SEb. These remarkable creations shared a common unitary-construction bodyshell and a groundbreaking independent suspension system. Marking an evolution in design and engineering, these newcomers exuded an air of timeless sophistication.

As the production curtains closed in October 1965, the 220 SEb Cabriolet had left an indelible mark on automotive history. With fewer than 17,000 units manufactured, these Grand Tourers remain as cherished relics of a bygone era. Today, their stylish and luxuriously equipped heritage continues to captivate enthusiasts, rendering the 220 SEb as prized treasures in the world of classic cars.

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Mercedes Benz SEB ()

About this car

Construction Year: 1965
Price: € 142.500
Power: 120 HP
Mileage: 106,080 Km
Date part: 1-7-1965
Color: Blue
Interior: Cognac
Bodywork: Cabriolet


This rare manual transmission Mercedes-Benz 220 SEb Cabriolet was sold new in Switzerland and has enjoyed only three owners from new, bought by the second vendor in 1989 when the car had recorded 96,148 kilometres (the current reading is 106,080 kilometres). Finished in blue with beige interior, the latter is currently being upholstered by our workshop, the Mercedes is in good overall condition. Representing a wonderful opportunity to acquire a rare and much sought-after classic Mercedes-Benz, the car is offered with a Swiss Carte Grise, sundry invoices, and Notice d’Entretien and other original books.

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Mercedes Benz SEB ()
Owners from new
Construction Year

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