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Landrover 109 Series IIa Towing

Discover a timeless icon of utility and dependability with the classic Land Rover 109 Service Wagon.
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Landrover 109 Series IIa Landrover 109 Series IIa

• Left-hand drive example
• Rare Towing edition
• Originally delivered in The Netherlands
• Nuts and Bolts Restauration

Introducing the iconic 1971 Land Rover 109 Series 2A – a true embodiment of rugged versatility and timeless design. Immerse yourself in a journey through history as you explore the incredible details of this masterpiece, painstakingly restored by a Land Rover specialist to its former glory.

With a heart that beats with 54 horsepower, this Land Rover stands as a testament to raw power harnessed in a vintage vehicle. Its journey through time has been marked by 38,473 kilometers, a testimony to its endurance and the adventures it has witnessed over the years.

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Roadsight Land Rover Service

About this car

Construction Year: 1971
Price: € 39.500
Power: 54 HP
Mileage: 38.473 Km
Date part: 29-9-1971
Color: Beige
Interior: Black
Transmission: Manual
Bodywork: ATV

On 29 September 1971, this Land Rover 109 Series 2A was delivered to its first owner in the Netherlands. Its classic cream exterior exudes a sense of nostalgia, a color that tells tales of untamed landscapes and bold expeditions. Stepping inside, you’re greeted by an elegant black leather interior, a stark contrast that amplifies the vehicle’s utilitarian essence.

A manual transmission beckons you to become one with the driving experience, putting you in control of every twist and turn, every ascent and descent. And here’s where the Land Rover’s uniqueness truly shines – it’s not just a vehicle; it’s a towing powerhouse. Whether you’re hauling equipment, trailers, or memories waiting to be made, this Land Rover is ready to tackle any challenge with grace and reliability. The 1971 Land Rover 109 Series 2A, restored to perfection and equipped for towing, awaits your call to adventure.

Connect with us via WhatsApp or +31 (0) 85 060 8328 to arrange a viewing.

Roadsight Land Rover Service
Construction Year

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