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Aston Martin FIA Appendix K Racing Car

The Aston Martin DB4 FIA racing car is a classic symbol of speed, grace, and top-tier engineering, embodying the essence of vintage racing.
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Aston Martin DB4 FIA Race Car Aston Martin DB4 FIA Race Car

  • Converted to competition specification in the late 1990s 2001 and 2004 AMOC ‘Overall Champion’
  • Raced in Pre-’63 GT series, Masters Gentleman Drivers, AMOC and Spa 6 hours Many podium and 1st places
  • Expertly maintained by Phil Perryman and John Young’s Roxwell Racing Engine rebuilt in 2022
  • Ready to race

Introduced at the prestigious London Motor Show in 1958, the Aston Martin DB4 emerged as a groundbreaking marvel, firmly establishing British supremacy in the realm of Gran Turismo automobiles. This illustrious model shattered preconceived notions, showcasing superior craftsmanship that rivaled renowned Italian counterparts. Boasting an innovative specification, the DB4 featured a newly designed steel platform chassis equipped with disc brakes at every corner, along with a state-of-the-art twin-cam six-cylinder engine. Clad in an impeccably proportioned aluminum body meticulously crafted by Touring of Milan, the DB4 epitomized a perfect blend of British engineering prowess and Italian design finesse, setting a new standard in automotive sophistication. Under the meticulous guidance of Harold Beech, the model’s immensely robust platform-type chassis replaced the previous multi-tubular spaceframe, aligning seamlessly with Touring’s Superleggera body construction. The suspension system underwent significant upgrades, transitioning from a trailing-link independent front suspension to unequal-length wishbones, and featuring a rear live axle stabilized by Watts linkage, a departure from its predecessor’s Panhard rod. The DB4 was not only a testament to automotive excellence but also held remarkable potential in the competitive racing arena

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About this car

Construction Year: 1961
Price: Exhibition Only
Color: Silver Grey
Interior: Dark Green
Bodywork: Coupé
Transmission: Manual

In the exclusive realm of Aston Martin’s racing heritage, this specific Aston Martin DB4, stands as an exemplary fusion of heritage and high-performance. Originally transformed from a roadgoing marvel to a competition powerhouse in the late 1990s by the skilled hands of Ian Moss, this DB4’s racing odyssey commenced with celebrated drivers such as Andy Jenkinson, Tom Alexander, and Peter Wilson, securing notable victories including the prestigious 2001 and 2004 AMOC ‘Overall Champion’ awards.

The car exchanged hands in 2005, finding a new owner who partnered with John Young of Roxwell Racing, triumphing in esteemed races like the David Piper Tour of South Africa as a class winner. Its racing legacy continued to evolve, participating in events like the Silverstone Classic Tourist Trophy, Donington Historic Festival, and the Spa 6 hours, consistently securing podium positions. Over its 17-year span, it has been meticulously maintained and continually developed by renowned Aston expert Phil Perryman and John Young’s Roxwell Racing, ensuring optimal performance. The original engine was comprehensively rebuilt, rendering it fresh and race-ready. Holding a Historic Technical Passport valid until 2031, this DB4, with its matching numbers and original engine, remains an exceptional, well-maintained, and competitive race car, eligible to grace the most prestigious events while retaining its ability to hit the road if desired.

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